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Foreign Recruitment

Recruitment of foreign workers and talents, especially for the construction, petrochemical, engineering and shipbuilding industries are a highly regulated affair. Many details need to be adhered in accordance with the Ministry of Manpower procedures.

Rhema Career Link keeps abreast with all the latest updates in rules and regulations by the Ministry of Manpower. We at Rhema Career Link will provide clients with the necessary information for them to make efficient and effective decisions.

Our agency also works with our clients to plan and implement procedures to control and regulate the recruitment process by sub-tier contractors of our clients.

Rhema Career Link has a vast network of partners and agents. We only work with reliable partners/agents who are trust worthy, able to provide quality candidates, excellent service commitment and total customer/client satisfaction.

Rhema Career Link is able to recruit and process the followings:-

Our Guarantee

Rhema Career Link is committed to give 3 months guarantee period for all foreign personnel recruited. During this period if the worker does not fit into the given task or medically unfit, Rhema Career Link shall be responsible for their repatriation with air fare cost to their country of origin.

Providing skilled based career opportunities for foreign talents in blue collar & white collar industries

Health Care Sector


Lab Technicians

X-Ray Technicians

Male/ Female Nurses


Enroll Nurses

Mechanical Engineers

Marine Engineers

Process Engineers

Structural Steel Engineers

Safety Inspectors

QA/QC Engineer

NDT Inspectors

Pipe Fitters

Metal Fabricators

Insulation Worker




Safety Engineers

Material Controller

Document Controller

Millwright Fitter


Store Keeper

Petro-Chemical & Marine Sector




Store Keeper

Bar Benders

Metal Formers




Batching Plant Operator


General Worker

Brick Layers



Civil Engineers

Safety Supervisor

HVAC Technicians

Construction Sector​

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